This is Periphery Living, where we live to make things better.

Look around you, the opportunities to make things, anything, better are endless, both in your inner and outer world.

That is my passion. That is what drives me, and I'm here to combine that desire with my instinct, talent and knowledge in the Interior Decorating Arts.

I love colour, welding, sewing, history (especially history of art, design and furniture), interior design, industrial design, set decoration, and above all, the art of the ridiculous and hilarious. Take everything away, but never take away the funny.

A Brief History: 

There are no "brief stories" in my life, so let me tell you a long one. You can choose to read it and find out how I got to this point and why I am doing what I'm doing, or you can skip out on that particular thrill.

Let's start with "I was born in 1977 in Colombia, South America" if for no other reason than to point out that my journey into the design/decorating world was not a quick and straight one.

Since a very young age I was inclined to the arts. I loved singing (badly), dancing (good rhythm), acting (quite dramatically) and "tinkering" (always making artsy things, trying DIY from kids books, looking to see where I could create something out of random things). Of course, back in those times it was all pretty bare bones when it came to these things. It was still the cavemen period pretty much.

In highschool I was already very convinced I would follow the acting inclination and had dreams of New York and Hollywood in the capacity of performer. It never occurred to me that there were other aspects of that world that I would enjoy. Then I failed to get a part in the school musical "Babes in Arms" so I did props instead. I loved it. And it expanded my vision.

But... as I mentioned before, my life was never straight; it has been twisty all the way. So I ended up finishing highschool in Colombia (as opposed to Canada) and the theater/acting thing back there was not as well supported as in my Canadian Arts Highschool, so I pursued graphic design instead, which was still very much in my interest wheel. But then while doing that, I learned that something called "Industrial Design" existed, and THAT WAS IT. I felt it. I felt it deeply.

Another but. But then... I moved back to Canada. And I was old enough (19) to not want to live with my mother and to instead want to "throw myself at the world" (that is literally what I used to say). I wanted to move out, get a job and just see what would happen. What would happen is that I spent the next decade "living". Working, getting married, getting divorced, and mainly learning how to be an adult in many ways, but I never got back into school, even though year after year, it was what I always dreamt of.

I would think about it, plan it, but never managed to make it happen. "real" life can swallow you up real quick. Plus, I was riddled with insecurity, doubts, immaturity; just a general deep lack of belief in myself. I always needed someone beside me to make me feel that I could get ahead, because I didn't trust I would know how, have the strength to, or all around take care of life's responsibilities on my own.

Which leads to the stories of my relationships and marriages (yes, various) but that's for me to talk about in the book I'm writing (Thanks for Nothing, Thanks for Everything).

Anyway, it wasn't until I was 33 and twice divorced that I finally WENT BACK TO COLLEGE!!! All caps because that is what I REALLY WANTED AND NEEDED and MAKES ME SO HAPPY I COULD CRY.

I was initially going to study interior design at Algonquin College in Ottawa, my main main wish was to study industrial design but I definitely didn't have the qualifications for it. Math, physics and such things weren't my forte and I had never applied myself in those subjects (which you need for industrial design) but I could take a one year pre-design program that would help me get into interior design and provide me with a "portfolio". Then my financial fears, and all above mentioned insecurities wet berserk in my head and I switched to an shorted, less expensive but still in my range of interests: Television Broadcasting.

I am going to go point form from now or this section will become my book:

  • Realized TV broadcasting was not about "making TV shows" and was more about news and sports. Not my passions at all. I only studied 1 out of the 2 years, plus one year on general media communication studies.
  • Did another 1 year "grad" program: TV comedy script writing. I was good at that, but didn't know how to pursue and actual career in it.
  • Married again and did the housewife thing and worked temp jobs or part time admin jobs for 4 years.
  • Managed to get in touch again with my passion for organizing, designing, creating, decorating, renovating, interior design. This is where I feel I started "co-creating" with the Universe and finally finding and following the trail to where I was supposed to go.
  • Had the idea of starting a professional organizing business, and that idea kept changing, evolving, developing. Like I said, the Universe started guiding me and I was actually listening. Despite the evolution of the plan, from the very beginning I knew that my business would be called "Periphery Living". Nothing was the same from that point forward.
  • I ended up taking a manual drafting class, a history of furniture class , a sewing class and a welding class. Things I had wanted to know for years and that I felt were obstacles and holding me back (not knowing how to do them). I begun to shed my fears and insecurities and feeling empowered and capable instead. And I wanted more!

I wanted more than just these part time courses, so I applied for the interior decorating 2 year diploma program at Humber College in Toronto. Now that I was insecure and felt I had basic knowledge from my part time courses, I felt I could do it.

Educationally all was falling into place which opened my mind and vision further and I begun to see a really great, interesting and fulfilling life and future for myself. I was on cloud 9 most of the time. Excited and bursting at the seams.

My marriage, on the other hand, begun to deteriorate. Things were changing. It was towards the end of 2016 that my husband decided things had gotten so terrible that there was nothing left to do other than separate (This was all sudden and surprising to me. It was a real shock. We had obviously started to live in two different marriages at some point because the one I was in wasn't THAT bad).

This is the part where school saved me; because I had already started down this path to my new life and was already registered for the interior decorating program, I was able to hold on to that idea for dear life and for my sanity. I just had to make it through a few months until school would start (January 2017) and I knew I would be OK. Plus I still had my 2 wonderful, very loved dogs (Sammy and Manny) who have been my emotional rock and anchor to life in the hardest moments.

I am on the right path, finally. I am not the girl from my 20's with the fears and insecurities. I am strong, confident, full of life and passion. In love with what I'm learning and doing. In love with possibilities. In love with the path that led me to this moment. I can stand on my own.

Life is absolutely a puzzle (true cliche) and the pieces have come together for me, a bit on the later side, but more satisfyingly than if it had happened earlier. I desire to become a set decorator for TV, film and theater. It would be the marriage of my two big loves: The performing arts industry and design/decorating.

Hollywood has always been embedded in my mind since childhood as my eventual destination, I just didn't know the many roads that could lead me there or the many ways in which I can be a contributing part to it.  In the end, no matter how many twists and turns and delays, the arrow seems to keep pointing in that same direction.