Habitat for Humanity Up-Cycle Challenge.

Habitat for Humanity Up-Cycle Challenge.

This is my very first time participating in the 6th annual Habitat for Humanity Up-Cycle Challenge in the Fall Home Show in Toronto.

I am insanely excited about it and even more so because I'm on a month break for school and actually have time to work on this project and savour it. Here's what I posted on Instagram about my experience when I went to the Re-store in South Etobicoke to look for the piece I will work on:

I just had one of my “episodes”. “Episode” meaning I get a RUSH of adrenaline and hyper-excitement and my heart beats madly, my brain spins, my spirit starts to come out of my body so I start a whole body fidget. Hard to breathe.

And nope, as I’ve said before, this is not an exageration.

I was standing there trying to control all this, with my hands on my temples, and this man says to me “Oh, one of those migraine days, eh?” And I was like “No, I’m just way too excited. I suffer from over excitement”. Then we talked for like 10 minutes about my project, about my school, about furniture. Then I had to go sit in a corner for a few minutes to calm the frig down.

I’ve learned to do that. Go sit the bleep down on a “time out” until I can think straight again.

Now I’m taking myself to #IKEA. Because why wouldn’t I ?! #InteriorDesign #Decorating #Re-Store #HabitatForHumanity ##UpCycleChallenge #FallHomeShow

The Fall Home Show will take place at The Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place from September 15-17.